The land

Near the Adriatic sea, in the North of Abruzzo in the Teramo distric, Rampini’s family grows eight hectares of hilly farmland in Cordesco. A land famous for olive tree plantations and belonging to ancient Italian civilization. A territory suspended among the sea and the mountains, characterized by suitable weather conditions for the olive cultivation.

L’azienda Agricola Vittorio Rampini

An entrepreneurial activity very dynamic, managed by a team full of passion and innovative ideas. The two Rampini’s family generations join modern agricultural skills with a deep knowledge concerning the retail industry and the food marketing. On this basis and driven by a vision that ranges from culture to distribution, they manage a farm strictly linked to the territory and to the Teramo district.

Business idea

A comeback to the land with the goal to join tradition and the modern cultivation techniques to achieve an high quality extravergin olive oil. Every step of the production is scheduled and taken care very closely and with competence. In this way Extratto, Extravergine Rampini Bio and Velluto d’olio come out, ancient oils with a contemporary soul, addressed to specific distribution channels.