Extratto grows in Abruzzo, in the background of the Teramo hills, near Mediterranean Sea and in the shadow of Gran Sasso mountain. Here the environmental diversity produces high temperature variations among the seasons, affecting in a positive way on the characteristics of the olive oil. A land with the perfect weather, full of planting of Tortiglione, where there has been produced olive oil for ages. Tortiglione is a prized cultivar, unique as his land, used to produce the olive oil DOP “Petruziano delle colline tramane”, valuable for both organoleptic properties and his chemical composition rich of precious elements for health and for wellness. During the production of Extratto every processing phase is looked after in the smallest details: starting from the choice of the cultivar, from the harvesting procedure, the olive selection, to the most efficient milling process done with advanced techniques to obtain an unmatched product. Extratto is obtained from olives harvested exclusively in the Azienda Agricola Vittorio Rampini’s land, young trees cultivated respecting nature, without using chemical fertilizer and herbicide, following environmentally friendly practices. It’s the result of a daily and passionate work that Rampini’s family follows with perseverance, firstand, all the year, from the pruning to the flowering, from the harvesting to the milling of the olives. The harvesting, milling and conservation methods take advantage of the most innovative technologies to safeguard the most characteristic qualities of the oil. A perfect balance among tradition and innovation in the olive oil production.

Mechanical harvesting

The harvesting and the milling time is lower than three hours, the olives oxidation is reduced to the minimum because olives are not exposed to air. The olive oil produced boasts of very low peroxides and very high level of polyphenol (omega 3), prefect nutritional properties for the care of the health.

Cold pressing

With the cold pressing the rise in temperature caused by the friction of the mill-stones is avoided. The milling takes place in an automatic oil mill, the olives are deprived of the leves, after they are washed and at last crumbled.

Controlled temperature storage

The extravergin olive oil is stored in steel tanks where the light can’t enter located in controlled temperature warehouses.
At last it is packed in a blind pack, so doing it preserves its bright green color for all its shelf-life until the consumption on the tables.